Coronavirus and the Board Game Community

March 16, Update: In order to help slow down the spread of Covid-19, we are canceling all events for the remainder of March, and possibly longer. Please check back here toward the end of the month for updated information on events after this month.

Please do not show up at any of our regular venues to play games. The venues that are able to remain open need to strictly limit attendees—people there playing games will interfere with that.

Play Games Online

We’re working on setting up an online meetup to play games on Thursday night online, starting at 6pm, our regular Denny’s meetup time. Keep your eye on our Facebook Page for more details, as we’ll be creating an event there.

You can also join our online community at Board Game Arena to play games with other community members. Plus, we have additional resources for gaming online.

Support Local Venues

This is a challenging time the venues we meet at—many of whom have hosted us for years, for free. Here are some ways you can support them while social distancing:

Support Local Game Stores

Local game stores have had to reduce or eliminate their playroom hours, reducing their income. Consider helping them out. Check out our interactive map of local stores and cafes, find a game store near you, and stop by to buy a game to play at home.

Supporter Shirts

Finally, a note on supporter shirts—due to the current situation, if you purchased a supporter shirt, it will be shipped to you, regardless of whether you selected pickup or shipping. Shirts will ship this week.