Support the Board Game Community

The Oklahoma Board Game Community wouldn’t exist without you, the many people who come and play games at various meetups all around the metro area. Your enthusiastic participation is what makes the Oklahoma Board Game Community work, and it’s greatly appreciated. We never charge money for any of our events, and all our organizers are unpaid.

But running the meetups does cost money. Everything from to purchasing and replacing games in our library to providing giveaway games and prizes for tournaments has costs. Becoming an official supporter is the best way to make it possible for us to keep expanding and improving our meetups in the coming year.

Becoming a supporter has perks too: you will be one of the only people with a limited-edition, 2017 Board Game Community supporter t-shirt (being printed this summer), you get an extra raffle ticket at all raffles, and, you get access to a special, supporters-only special event at the end of the year.

Becoming a 2017 supporter is $25, and helps ensure the board game community is able to continue to provide members with great, free meetups at fantastic locations around the metro like Fassler Hall, Barnes & Noble, Denny’s and Coop Ale Works.

What Do Supporters Get?

  • Limited-edition, 2017 Oklahoma Board Game Community Supporter t-shirt
  • Extra raffle ticket at all raffles
  • Supporters-only special event at the end of the year

Becoming a supporter for 2017 is only $25, and supports the board game community’s wide range of free events. All volunteers support the community without pay, and the community incurs regular costs to buy and replace games for library and giveaway use.